The Club has several signage opportunities at various points around the racecourse.

In yet another unique promotion, the Club is inviting businesses and individuals to sponsor one or more of the race day stalls.

The stall area is, of course, one of the busiest parts of Pinjarra Park, with most racegoers paying a visit to the area on race days.

The sponsorship will provide a sign (dimensions 700mm x 500 mm) affixed to the rear of the stall.

The cost is $300 (plus GST) per stall for the first year and then $90 (plus GST) per year.  This amount also  covers the supply and fixing of the sign.

Infield signage (from the winning post) rental is available for $1000 plus GST per annum in advance plus production costs of approx. $1000 plus GST. Approx 7m long x 0.9m in dimension.

Course perimeter signage on the "back straight and home corner" offers great Australia  wide and International TV exposure to millions of viewers via the SKY Channel network and starts fron $1800 per annum plus production/installation costs.

For more information, please phone the General Manager, Michael Lodding on 08 95311956 or contact our office.