Committee Members

Chairman Mr. Phil Ibbotson
Vice-Chairman Mr. Greg Dixon
Committee                                                           Mr. Keith Jeffreys
  Mr. John Ward
  Mr. Nathan West
  Mr. Lynn Jeffery
  Mr. Pat Love
  Ms. Dale Evans
  Mr. Alan Bansemer

Team Members

General Manager


Racing Manager, RIGP Project Manager

Marketing, Sales, Events and Sponsorship Manager

Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Liquor Control - Approved Manager


Michael Lodding




Financial Manager and Raceday Coordinator (inc Non Race day Functions)                    Jane Whitehorn
Approved Manager (Bar) Michael Lodding
Track Manager Nathan Taunt
Catering Manager Peel Caterers
Tote Manager Richard Grieve
Club Steward - Trackwork Gary Ford
Course Clerks Judy Pope
Kathy Gray